From one man band to multi million pound business

Sher Naturel is dedicated to reinventing the way we think about & care for our natural hair. The creator and founder of the brand started by bringing to market a few products which she had been making for herself and family members for years.

The brands most popular accessories to date are the Satin Pillow Cover and the Satin Bonnets. These two products are made in similar ways however completely different satin's are used to provide the best results. Both products retain moisture due to the properties of the material. They both feature elastic which allows them to stay in place whist also being extremely easy to install and remove. Above all, both products are cut, sewn and finished to the highest standards, right here in the UK Leeds to be precise.

Owning a handmade business can be challenging. How to scale the business when juggling a 9-5, how many hours do you need to create ‘X’ amount of bonnets, how to increase production without increasing the cost of goods. There’s so much to think about, but as a small business Sher Naturel isn’t daunted by the potential business challenges to come.

For each product which is created friends and family instantly become the brands first focus group before any new products are launched. Constructive feedback is so important at this point to allow high quality items to be brought to market. Having the ability to source the materials, manufacture and package products all in-house allows the brand to monitor quality control at each step. To date the business has sold over 100 of their hand made products and hope to continue their growth well into their second year of business.

The brand originally started selling online in 2020, they created a website and drove sales through social media marketing primarily Instagram. Through sales and profits gained, Sher Naturel started to use additional marketing techniques in addition to running ad campaigns to further promote the brand and its products.

To mark the second year in Sher Naturel is now listed on Amazon. This is an achievement in itself as a year ago this seemed impossible. Although the brand is still in the early stages of their Amazon journey, this is one they are highly proud of and plan to learn more about ecommerce and running an online business.

Going forward the business plans to grow by continuing to promote their business and generate more sales. As a business they want to revisit their currently one man manufacturing process to free up more time and delegate roles and responsibilities to others. A long term goal for the business is to financially be in a place where this can be a full time business whilst creating jobs for others. As they say ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’, so let the building commence.

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