Bonnet vs Pillow which product is right for you

This is an interesting one because people have faves for various different reasons for purchasing either one of these products. Although both products are made from satin the qualities of the material differ slightly. Our satin bonnets feature a lightweight satin which allows the reversible feature to maintain its high comfort levels. We make the satin pillow covers from a much thicker satin which boasts a lovely matt finish. The components of the fabric used for the pillow cover enable us to use one layer of high performing fabric to protect the hair.

The installation and removal of both products is effortless due to the elastic used to make each item. Our customers have commented at how comfortable our bonnets are and have been amazed at their ability to stay in place during the night. While the construction of our pillow cover allows for super fast instal and removal, whilst fitting the pillow perfectly.

Our pillow covers have become increasingly popular amongst children. Parents who aren’t able to find the perfect fitting bonnet for their child and fear that other bonnets may slide down potentially over the face during the night. Men have also taken a liking to this product whilst looking for other products to add to their grooming routine. The satin features make this pillow cover great for hair and skin and ideal for men growing beards & facial hair. Our former bonnet lovers have turned to the pillow covers for special occasions. Those nights where you want to look cute for Bae without having to put on a bonnet or scarf. Looking cute whilst also protecting the hair has proven to be a winner.

It’s fair to say these two are both great products. Which one should you choose, we’ll leave that one up to you.

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