Sher Naturel LTD is a handmade protective hair accessories business founded by Sherrelle. At Sher Naturel HQ we specialise in creating premium products that make caring for natural hair easier. Our brand teaches women and young girls how to look after their hair by using the correct tools and accessories.

​As a creative and graduating with a degree in the Arts; Sherrelle’s work often focused on race, culture & identity. Embracing ways to celebrate black culture & beauty whilst also challenging stereotypes and depicting historical events through mixed media.

Following a design brief Sherrelle really began to explore the portrayal of black women and how aesthetics & beauty would place a huge role within this subject matter. Hair became a strong focal point; products, routines, protective styles and lets not forget the concept of ‘Good Hair’.






Having always been a naturlista Sherrelle learned how to plait her own hair at a very early age. She later went on to create a YouTube channel to share product reviews, vlogs and DIY hairstyles for natural hair. In the mist of 2019 and the threat of redundancy from the corporate world Sherrelle took the leap to turn her expertise, skills and knowledge into a business what would help her community & give her independence as a young black woman.

Initially launching with eye catching apparel with imagery from the ‘Post’ exhibition, the brand soon launched their line of hair accessories and hair care tools. The most popular products are undoubtably the satin bonnets and the satin pillow covers, which Sherrelle hand makes herself in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

To date the brand only sells online via its website but is fortunate enough to have customers worldwide. Sher Naturel products have caught the attention of local shop and salon owners who have jumped at the opportunity to stock products in their stores.

The focus at Sher Naturel HQ is to continue creating the best products for kinky, curly, coily hair and to be a house hold name for products and craftsmanship within the natural hair community. Developing a strong customer base with their existing products will allow this small business to scale, increase their product line and grow a strong team. Although currently a small business the goal is to dream big as thoughts really do become things.





Who can shop Sher Naturel?

Our products are created for natural Afro Caribbean hair. They support the growth of healthy kinky, curly & coily hair textures whilst also reducing breakage. Our sales show we have a strong demographic of Afro-Carribbean women who create our core customer base. However our products can be purchased by all ethnicities and hair types should the customer be faced hair issues which our products target.

How do your products help natural hair?

Our products are made and designed specifically for natural hair. Our goal is to share knowledge with our customers, giving them the tools and accessories they’ll need to care for their own hair. Our expertise and lived experience ensure we create high quality products to cater to the needs of our customers.

Why Satin?

The majority of our products feature satin. Satin was selected as our key material due to it’s cost, performance & accessibility. Satin protects the hair from dryness and friction and also reduces breakage & thinning. Satin also helps your hairs curl pattern stay in shape without having to worry about knots and kinks. Another added bonus is satin prevents your hair from becoming frizzy. All theses features allow you to maintain your hairstyles for a longer period of time, in turn promoting growth and healthier hair.