Embracing roots, culture & identity through mixed media & online content. Sher created a platform on YouTube showcasing DIY protective styles for natural hair, with the aim to teach others to love their kinks & coils. Sher, creator of ‘Sher Naturel’ is now on a mission to share her expertise, products and stories to build her brand. Once described as 'the Yorkshire lass with curls to die for' Sher has over fifteen years experience in afro hair care, protective styling and product knowledge so be sure to shop Sher Naturel today for the must have items your natural hair needs.

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Sher’s creativity doesn’t stop there. Having gained a degree in Interdisciplinary Art & Design; as an artist and designer Sher’s created work for exhibitions, specialised projects along with producing several books around her specialised subject matter. Check out the online shop for creative designs & culturally inspired printed T-Shirts.


We bring to you the official website of ‘Sher Naturel’ a black owned business selling printed Tees & Afro Hair Accessories inspired by black culture, social politics, fashion & beauty.


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